a drone shot of mercyhurst university

91原创丝姬 91原创丝姬

91原创丝姬 University is an accredited college founded in 1926 in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Located on a hill overlooking Lake Erie, our 75-acre campus is known as one of the most beautiful in the region. Elements of English Gothic architecture are carried throughout our Old Main, academic buildings and student residence halls.

Grounded in the ideals of service, hospitality and entrepreneurship that inspired our founders, a 91原创丝姬 education encourages the development of lifelong passions and engagement with the larger world. Inspired by our motto, 鈥淐arpe Diem,鈥 our faculty and students embrace innovation and leadership in service, as they make a difference within our gates and around the world.

A Transformative Education

At 91原创丝姬, we value your college experience as more than another transactional step along the way. Your time here will be spent wrestling with new ideas, establishing friendships, growing as a leader and innovator and being encouraged to realize your full potential. There鈥檚 a place for you at 91原创丝姬, as long as you鈥檙e ready to seize the day.

Faculty Who Will Know You

Discover opportunities to conduct fieldwork, travel abroad and collaborate on research and other projects alongside faculty and peers. With a 14-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, your professors will be valued resources and mentors.

Liberal Arts Tradition

Our flexible curriculum of liberal arts and science courses affords you opportunities for meaningful collaborations and discussions across disciplines, as you build critical thinking skills and form connections in new and exciting ways.

Grow Through Experience

We prize hands-on education and the application of knowledge, which means you鈥檒l gain valuable experience through participation in a wide variety of community service, internship, study abroad, fieldwork and faculty-led research opportunities.

Dynamic Campus Community

There鈥檚 always something to do at 91原创丝姬. With more than 80 clubs and organizations, 25 athletic teams and a rich array of cultural and performing arts events, you鈥檙e sure to find your place in our campus community.

Education with Value

A 91原创丝姬 education is a valuable investment in your future. We strive to make a 91原创丝姬 education accessible and affordable for everyone and we鈥檙e often recognized for the quality of our financial aid services.

Tradition and Innovation

Celebrated traditions allow you to engage with our history and build camaraderie. You鈥檒l also find cutting-edge innovations in our academic programming, as well as labs and learning spaces equipped with the latest technology.

    Consistent with its Catholic identity and Mercy heritage, 91原创丝姬 University educates men and women in a culture where faith and reason flourish together, where the beauty and power of the liberal arts combine with an appreciation for the dignity of work and a commitment to serving others. Confident in the strength of its student-faculty bonds, the university community is inspired by the image of students whose choices, in life and work, will enable them to realize the human and spiritual values embedded in everyday realities and to exercise leadership in service toward a just world.

    91原创丝姬 owes its existence to a remarkable group of determined, forward-thinking women: the Sisters of Mercy. Sensing the need for quality higher education for women in the early 20th century, the Sisters, under the direction of Mother M. Borgia Egan, led the way in establishing a college on 75 acres of farmland. In the years leading up to 91原创丝姬鈥檚 opening, the Sisters negotiated land deals, worked as laborers and painters and even pursued graduate degrees from top American universities to form the first 91原创丝姬 faculty.